I live and breathe playfulness, exploration and dedication, these qualities have led me to be the acrobatic teacher that I am today. Although I will always be a student in the Acro world, I thrive as an instructor because it is where my true passion lies. 


For the last few years I have been travelling internationally to teach at acro festivals, lead workshops and provide private coaching. Currently, I am one of the lead teachers for the Acro Revolution Teacher Training program which happens across the globe and this year I led the TT in Moscow, Russia. 


People have described my passion for teaching Acro to be inspiring and supportive. I always strive to provide clear and technical approaches to skills with progessive learning techniques. As my students are typically hobbyist adult acrobats, I work diligently to ensure that dynamic acro makes sense and feels safe. I want to leave my students with concepts that they can take home so they can also feel the magic of acro!

Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.

― Josef Albers